tried to get at it …

This morning I woke up not feeling too well, and thought sometimes when I workout I can kind of “sweat it out”, which clears up my lungs and nose. However I think I might have made it worse by hitting the road this morning. Looking back on it I hope that me trying to wake up and run this morning, doesn’t hinder my other runs and workouts the rest of the week. Anyways this mornings run was a speed workout, pretty simple to perform, but with my condition today and the conditions outside it was pretty tough and I had to really push it just to get back home. The workout was a 10 minute warm-up followed by a ten 400 meter runs with a 400 meter rest interval between each 400 meter run. After the 10 x 400s, was the cool down for 10 minutes. The cool down was well needed after trying to push through the workout. The wind was pretty strong this morning so I think that increased my sinuses to act up post workout. I am hoping I feel better tomorrow morning so I can hit the pool and get some strength work in the water.

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