run easy

“Relaxed and easy” is what the workout schedule stated. So that I did, in fact at first going that easy and relaxed a 8:00 pace was kind of weird. It made me feel an awkward pain, not hurt but just a different type of run.  I think it is easy to just hit the road and say I am going to go out today and run fast or as fast as I can take it. However to actually say today I am going to go slow and relaxed is a different type of control. I think I am growing as a runner however, because when I had “recovery” days like this last year I would still go at pace. I was not disciplined enough to say the heck with it I am just going to easy today. Even during my spell of training without a watch I still went hard all the time, granted I was not racing against a time, I was still racing against pushing my legs and lungs as hard as I could. So the relaxed and easy part of the run it was a 6 mile out and back run along a road the leads to Sacramento State University, a very familiar course for me to run. Today by adding the out and back it allowed me to have two little climbs as I ran along the freeway overpass going out and coming back so mile 1 and mile 5 had me work just a little climb, and still I did it easy and relaxed. This weekend I will be running a different place for my long run and you can read all about it during my post. I plan on getting some strength work and a cross train during the course of the weekend as well.

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