going after it

Today was one of those days where I went after it. I got my all around fitness in today. In the morning I was happy to see that the fog was not as thick as it had been in the past here in Sacramento, which made for a nice run in the morning. The run today was on all flat ground in the Rosemont neighborhood. I started off with the normal 10 minute warmup by running at a good easy pace to get the legs and body ready to go for the actual workout. After the 10 minutes came the 3 sets of 1600 meter runs with a 400 meter rest interval between each one of them. Today, I jogged the 400 meter rest intervals (depending on how I feel I sometimes even walk the rest intervals). After the workout came the 10 minute cool down. For both the cool down and warm-up I typically cover about 2000 meters in the 10 minutes for each. After the run, I got right on the trainer and rode my bike for 30 minutes to get a little more cardio. In the evening I did my strength workout with the P90X shoulders and arms routine to get a good total body workout for today. Tomorrow is another cross training day and I will probably spend most of it in the pool and possibly on the trainer as well.

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