I jumped back into the pool with a workout later in the day. I have come to realize that the pool in the later evenings at the 24 hour fitness where I swim becomes like a kid pool, where apparently people think the pool is for hanging out and not actually doing laps. Only if people would actually respect the lanes and those who are using the pool to actually workout, it would be great. Luckily for me I was able to jump into the lanes away from the party people who thought their membership to the gym allows them to be obnoxious members near the pool and hot tub. Okay enough for my soap box and back to my workout… The pool workout was pretty quick tonight, as I wanted to try to get a good nights rest after a pretty busy day so I can get my sleep to be well rested for my morning run. I started off the pool workout with the normal warmup with a 100 meter freestyle, 100 meter kick board, 100 meter pull buoy. After the warmup I went straight into some leg strength work by swimming with flippers for 1000 meters. I did lap after lap swimming with the freestyle stroke but with the flippers. My hip flexors and ankles definitely felt the workout tonight.

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