long run friday

With a busy schedule over the weekend, I changed the scheduled long run to today. Typically the long run is to be done on Saturday or Sunday based on the schedule I am following. But I thought it would be better to run on back to back days than to skip a long run completely due to the weekend schedule. So today was a 14 mile long run around my neighborhood and up to Sacramento State and back. I ran at about a 7.30 per mile pace today, keeping it easy and comfortable. This early time of the year is about just getting the miles in not having to gut out speed on the long runs. I am keeping it so I can just make sure to figure out the runs and keep my legs strong. The running season is long and for me I know the competitive side wants to come out and push the best and fastest times I can all the time, but it is about sticking to the plan and trying to push my best times in December during the California International Marathon, because in the end that is what will get me to my goal of running the Boston Marathon. The weather today was good for running, it was nice to get some cold weather, but I could definitely do without the fog! Enjoy your weekend.

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