by land and by sea … kind of

Today I felt good and felt I wanted to do more than just a ride on the trainer and more than just a swim. So I did both. I first hit the pool early in the morning putting in a total of 1000 meters, perhaps I could have pushed through more and maybe should be at this point, but in my mind I wanted to do the ride at that point so I hoped out and got home to my trainer and rode.

The 1000 meters I swam today was a combination of a couple different exercises but most of it was with a freestyle stroke. I first started with my normal warmup which included 100 meters easy freestyle, 100 meters with a kick board, and 100 meters pull buoy. The remaining 700 meters was all freestyle stroke going back and forth getting my laps in. After the pool workout I jumped onto the trainer for 30 minutes and pushed the pedal pretty hard keeping my cadence up to about 100.

Tomorrow is back on the road and it looks like I might have to alter my schedule and hit back to back running days as to be able to get my long run in for the week. The weather in Sacramento has been pretty good here in Sacramento pretty cool but great for running once your body gets warmed up.

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