26 out

So there are 26 weeks until my first of 2 full marathons this 2011. The first being the SF Marathon on July 31. The second is my home course the California International Marathon in December. Though I know I will do much better this year in the SF Marathon, I am not overly excited about jumping right to July only because of the fact that there is a lot of work between now and then that I really enjoy. In the end it isn’t just the marathon it is about the journey getting there. The close to 500 miles that build up going into the marathon. Also there are a lot of other runs and races that I am looking forward to before then, the half-marathons, 10k races and 5k races that will lead into the SF Marathon. 
Today the workout was a fun speed workout, with the speed runs being more on the longer side of the workouts. First I started off with a 10 minute run to warm-up the legs and body. Then the workout really began with a hard 1k followed by a 400 meter rest interval. The next run was a 2k with another 400 meter rest interval, followed by two 1k runs with a 400 meter rest interval between each. After the workout was a 10 minutes cool down jog, which only really got me back home to ride on the trainer for 20 minutes. The run was done on all flat ground around my neighborhood.  I hope all of you have a good run today and enjoy this great weather in Sacramento. I will do a strength workout tonight using the P90X back and biceps workout.

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