stick to the plan …

my favorite pair of shoes by nike

I have been contemplating changing the way I post my daily blogs and info so I think today is the day where I start to change it. Rather than listing”workout”, I am just going to write the workout in the actual blog post for the day. So yes you will actually have to read a little to get the full workout…

Today was one of those “optional” easy run or cross train for the “3+2” workout, this actually makes my workout a 3+3. So I did the optional easy cross train today, still hopping into the pool for a workout, it didn’t take me very long at all to get through the workout. I did however feel a little tired at the beginning of the workout, which has been often the case. As the workout went on I felt better and better but stuck to my plan and did what I said I was going to rather than just pushing through additional work. I have added strength workouts to Tuesdays and Thursdays so why not allow my body for recovery so I can get through workouts on the running days where I add in the strength work.

The workout this morning consisted of the following. First I did my typical warmup routine, 100 meters easy freestyle stroke, 100 meters kick board and then 100 meters with a pull buoy. The actual heart of the workout was a fairly fast paced 400 meters freestyle swim. A total of 700 meters in the pool, nothing too length but enough to get the body moving and the heart rate up a little bit.

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