kicking off the shoes

workout: off day.

It’s Friday and it is time to kick off those shoes, well I really don’t put shoes on when I run and workout anyways but you know what I mean. It is time to enjoy all of that hard work during the week. Getting in 2 swim workouts, a speed training, tempo run, and a couple of P90X strength workouts. Well the other day while I was checking out at the grocery store, the “Outside” magazine caught my eye on the very top it read “The Barefoot Revolution”. So I had to pick it up. The article was pretty good it explained how to build into the barefoot running and about some of the hype that surrounds it. The only thing was that it was a pretty short article.

However one interesting thing in the magazine was the Vibram Five Finger poster ad that was towards the middle. It is the first time I have seem an ad for the VFFs, it was simple “you are the technology”. Take a look at their website

Hope all of you out there who are working out remember that days off are just as important as those hard workouts. Have a good weekend, I will be putting 10 miles in tomorrow, hope you have a long run to enjoy with this great weather we are having in Sacramento!

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