i was runnin’

workout: 6 mile run.

I woke up put my VFFs on and just ran. I went a total of 6 miles and clocked in just under 7 minutes per mile. A good steady tempo around my neighborhood, crossing over one freeway overpass, which was the only climb of the run, everything else extremely flat. As those of you that have followed my blog you know by now I really enjoy running the streets instead of the trails. However, when I get to working out with my running club I will be running those trails that can be enjoyable when there is a group out there. The thing that prevents me from putting 6 miles or so on a trail alone is the fact that I have to drive out there, when I would much rather just get dressed walk out of my door and go on the run. I tried to venture into various running areas before when I trained for the SF Marathon, but that didn’t last too long. Hope you had a good workout and I am going to get a night time strength workout again with one of my buddies as we use the P90X chest and triceps workout tonight.

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