"sidewalk closed ahead"

workout: 13 mile run

my vibrams of choice 

The weather today was pretty nice out here in Sacramento. During my run this morning it was a bit cool but for me very comfortable since I run pretty warm when body temperature is concerned. So my 13 mile route was a pretty common route that I normally run when I need to put in distance runs around my neighborhood, but today it was a little different. Different because of the fact that I was pushing my runs out and around sidewalk closures! I have never seen so many sidewalks being worked on in one community. I hope it is well worth it when I get to run those sidewalks again. Today’s 13 mile run was also a little different because of the fact that I ran a 5 mile tempo run yesterday and this is the first time in about 4 or 5 months that I have ran on back to back days. It really gets to you when you try to push 2 quality runs on back to back days. I am thinking I am going to try to avoid this as much as possible. Tomorrow morning will be a cross training day because it is all I have time for and next week I should be back on schedule with my normal Tuesday speed workout, Thursday tempo run, and Saturday my long run.

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