we have rain and i have five

workout: 5 mile run.

post run photo

What is winter in Sacramento without rain? Today was one of those slightly rainy mornings where I was able to enjoy a nice tempo run in the rain. I ran a little slower than I wanted to but was still able to push the run to a 7:00 minute per mile pace, finishing the workout in 35 minutes. Running my normal 5 mile loop around my neighborhood got me my 5 miles but it does get a little old running the same route over and over. However it is what it is and I hope to get my long runs back with my running club, with the holidays and a couple conflicts over the last couple of weeks it has been  tough to workout with them. I am looking forward to really benefitting from their knowledge and just running a different route that I am usually running. Tomorrow will be my long run for the week, a day early than the schedule calls for because of other plans I have this weekend that will have me cross training on those days rather than going for my long run. Either way I am still getting my workouts in and logging my miles on the 3 days I dod have runs scheduled.

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