swimming and spinning

workout: 1200 meters in the pool (4 sets of 100 m freestyle, 100 m kickboard, 100 m pull buoy) and 30 minutes on the bike (cross training day).

my bike on the trainer

Today was about cross training working the legs and getting the cardio without putting the pounding on the legs. The pounding on the legs already happened yesterday with the speed workout / intervals. The 1200 meters this morning was a various of swimming exercises to total 1200 meters. I did a 100 meter freestyle set, then 100 meters of kickboard, and 100 meters on with a pull buoy. This series is repeated 4 times totaling 48 laps in the water for 1200 meters. It is kind of funny that I thought the kickboard would be the easiest exercise for me however that is not the case. I think it is because I am use to bending the knww when running, however when swimming it is about working from the hip and kicking from there, also my ankles get tired as the swim goes on. I really enjoy the pull buoy because of the amount of work that the upper body has to do to get from one side of the pool to the other.

As far as adding in the bike after my swims,  I want to make sure that I am still getting my cardio in on swim days. When starting with the swim and pushing through these workouts, it is clear that I find my muscles fatiguing before I get a good cardio workout, so this is a balance of two low impact workouts to make sure I cross train but also get my cardio in as well. Hopefully I will get to a point where my swimming is more efficient to where I can turn it into more cardio during the swim.

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