runs and some…

workout: 10 minute warmup run. 1 mile (400 meter Rest interval), 2 miles (800 meter rest interval), 2 x 800 meters (400 meter rest interval). 10 minute cool down run. cross training on the bike 20 minutes & weighted workout.

weights in my garage gym

Today was a good speed day, pushing the running, and in fact I definitely felt it in my legs during the final 800 meter run. After the workout I did want to get a little more cardio in so I road on the bike for 20 minutes. While reading more of my “Run Less Run Faster” book last night it did mention about working in a couple of strength workouts during the week to make sure to keep up muscle in the non-running areas that are sometimes less developed when focused on running and other types of cross training. So after my 20 minutes on the bike I did a couple of simple exercises with high reps and fairly low weights to get my upper body working a little bit. The exercises I included for my upper body workout today included overhead shoulder presses, bicep curles, reverse curls, overhead tricep extensions, push-ups and resistance band pull-ups. For the dumbbells I used 20 pound weights while doing 20 reps for 3 sets of each exercise. Tomorrow I am back in the pool and hopefully my shoulders and arms won’t be too fatigue from the weighted workout I added in today, which I have not done for a while.

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