Land and Water

Workout: pool work- warmup with 100 meters freestyle, 100 meters kickboard and 100 meters pull buoy. 300 meters freestyle stroke at a good hard pace. land work- 20 minutes on the bike.

my goggles and swim cap

Today I felt like getting on the bike for a little ride after getting my swim in. Since jumping in the pool I have dumped the bike which shouldn’t be the case since in the future I am hoping to get a tri in. I know a 20 minute ride isn’t much but it is good enough to get the legs moving and staying comfortable on the bike. As for the pool workout today it was nice and quick and pretty much a hard swim after I got the warmup in. I think getting both some hard paced swims in will be a good thing just like how I have my speed work for my distance running. In the end I know as much as I have put into swimming lately running is still the focus and why I workout so it is important to make sure I don’t fatigue myself going into my training runs. The next few days will be interesting for my runs and for many runners in the Sacramento area because of the freezing cold temperatures with it dropping below 30 degrees. I’ll let you guys know how the speed workout tomorrow goes!

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