swimming with a plan

workout: 30 minutes of swimming for cross training. (workout explained in the write up)

my kick board and pull buoy

So my swimming workout today was from amateurendurance.com, I thought to myself over the last couple of days, that it is time to have a plan or at least a reference point for what I needed to do in the pool to help build my distance swimming. So today that is exactly the workout I did, I used the “Beginner Swim Workouts: Distance” from amateur endurance. The warm-up starts off with 100 meters of freestyle stroke, then 100 meters of kick on a kick board and 100 meters with a pull buoy (as seen in photo to the left). I really enjoyed the warm-up and did feel it got me ready for the actual workout. The workout itself was modified based on the time I had today. I swam for a little over 20 minutes on freestyle stroke just going back and forth. I am not good at counting laps so I am not sure exactly how many meters I swam as far as the actual workout. However on the plan that I got from the website the workout is as follows: Set 1 – 1000 meters swim ((100 x 1 @ 80%, 100 x 1 @ 90%) x 5), Set 2 – 3 x 100 meters @ 90% (rest 15 sec. between each), then cool down with a 100 meter swim. The total workout distance if you follow the workout is 1700 meters, so just over a mile.

Another new thing I had today was I used a swim cap that I found at Big 5 which was a spandex material which really helped me propel through the water and for me kept my hair out of my face during my workout which has been a recent issue since I have been growing my hair out.

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