easy then go

workout: 7 miles total; 1 mile easy, 2 miles @ a medium tempo, 1 mile easy, 2 miles @ medium tempo, 1 mile easy.

Today was a good run and getting the miles in. The schedule calls for a 7 mile run total today, which is a little bit longer than most runs during the week before the long run. However this weekend the long run is actually shorter only being 8 miles, so the total mileage during the week really isn’t that high of a total. The morning in Sacramento was pretty cold, so getting started was a bit tough, but after the 1 easy mile to get the body warmed up it was nice to push the tempo a little bit and get the body going to stay warm in the cold. As far as my times for this workout, I stayed at about a 8.00 minute per mile pace for the easy run and about 7.00 minute per mile pace for the 2 mile segments in the workout for today. Tomorrow I am hoping back into the pool and will be doing a pool workout I came across on a website called “amateur endurance”. My thought after swimming for a couple of weeks is that I need to have a plan going into the water, not just jump and swim around. So I have a beginner workout that I will explain further tomorrow after I workout.

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