Kickin’ It and Free Stylin’

workout: 40 minutes swimming alternating 50 meters free style and 50 meters kick board.

This morning I thought I would really get my workout in the pool to a point of feeling the fatigue. The freestyle definitely gets me working using nearly every muscle group in my body, while the kick board allows me to focus on my legs and strengthen my ankles. The biggest thing I have noticed with the kick board is that it has made me feel much more comfortable in the water, allowing me to get a breathing rhythm and kick rhythm. Now when I freestyle I am able to focus on my arms and positioning. Now in no way do I have great form, but it is getting better and also my comfort level of breathing and controlling my body is much better in this stroke is due to the kick board. I am really getting excited to see where this will take me and especially when I do more freestyle than kick board work, when I start to build distance in the pool.

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