it’s raining out so i’m swimming

workout: 40 minutes cross training swim.

Good thing for indoor heated pools. With the cooler weather in Sacramento and the rain coming down, there would be a lot of excuses to not workout in the pool today! These pool workouts are getting more and more enjoyable to where I can really feel the workout, not just get tired from new movements but actually feel the work in my ankles, legs, core and arms. The workout today was mostly done with a kick board as seen in the photo. I didn’t realize how cheap kick boards are I found mine at Big 5 for $9. Anyways back to the workout, the first 10 minutes where done with just free style swimming go back and forth in the lanes, with a 15-20 second recovery between every 25 meters. Then after that I went for a straight 30 minutes with the kick board focusing on my legs and only stopping to turn and head in the opposite direction. I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years Weekend and are back on track with your workouts.

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