my 2010 … my running year in review

workout: 40 minutes in the pool with a combination of free style and using a kick board.

Today was my 3rd pool workout of the week. It was good workout today especially when I started to get tired and used mostly the kick board. It is amazing what you can get done with a kick board as far as a workout is concerned. It makes me wish I was using swimming as a cross training exercise over the last year. In any case I am using it now and getting it done and having fun with it.

Now to 2010 a year in review from my fitness and running stand point. It actually started with the CIM in 2009 where I went at it and realized this is something that I want to do not just as a recreation but make it part of my life and who I am. In 2010 I started with the Davis Stampeded and followed with the Shamrock’n half marathons. I felt good, felt excited and enjoyed those races, especially since I did them with my cousin Mike. Now what hit me after that was my competitive side, something that made running more than just a run in the park or another way to get fit. It became me it was who I am today, it made me stronger physically but most importantly mentally. I got to know myself as an athlete and a person.
Now jump to May 2010, the American River Parkway Half Marathon I set a PR with a 1:32:23 time, only to be broken two weeks later in Lodi at the Avenue of the Vines Half Marathon with a 1:31:08 time. Everything was clicking, everything felt good, I felt fast, what was it? Well the first thing I give credit to is the Vibram Five Fingers that I started to run, basically going to a barefoot style running. The next major event was the SF Marathon… and was that a nightmare … I came in nearly 1 hour and 20 minutes past my expected time of 3 hours and 10 minutes. After the SF Marathon I decided to change something, that change was dumping the watch and going to a new workout. I started the 3+2 or in my case the 3+3, no longer running 5-6 days a week but running for 3 and riding a bike for another 3 days to give my legs a rest. My half marathons during this time were great! I did the Urban Cow, and the Lake Natoma Four Bridges and ran sub 1:33:00 times … with out my watch!!! During this time I started running some 10k races and did very well. I ran the Miner’s Ravine and finished 7th overall, ran the Turkey Trot in Davis finishing in the top 40, and ran a PR 10k at the Run to Feed the Hungry in a time of 40.59 just to name a few solid 10k runs during the fall of 2010. Then came the California International Marathon. My 7th overall marathon and 4th CIM. I started with a good run tracking with the 3:10:00 group which I was on pace to do until I hit a cramping point at mile 16.5, but still with that I finished with my best CIM time of a time of 3:45:50. I was pleased. 2010 was a good year for me, it was a year I was able to learn more about how I need to attack my running. I am excited for a 2011 race year and cannot wait to see what the whole year brings to me. I hope all of you have a great New Year’s Eve, and I hope you continue to read and follow my journey to another 26.2 in 2011. godspeed …

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