a cool five

workout: 5 miles at a middle tempo pace.

It was a cold one out there and I put 5 miles in with a 7.01 pace. The worst thing for me on a cold morning isn’t my feet but it is my hands! My fingers lose feeling very quickly on my runs in these types of cold mornings, the rest of my body is fine. I think I need to find a good pair of cold weather gloves for these mornings where the temperature is sub 40 degrees. The normal gloves I run with are fine for anything warmer than that, it is the really cold days it gets me and in fact I think slows me down because I am concerned about my hands. As for the run itself I am pleased with my pace and how I felt, I think I could have put more into the run, but with this only being the first week of running with my pace time showing again on my run I think I am where I want to be right now. The early runs of the year will be more so to keep me around 7.00 per mile but also just to log miles in. Towards the late summer and fall is when I will start to really focus on kicking the times up to sub 7.00. As for the new cross training routine, it is too early to say where it is heading but I am enjoying it and like kicking up the times this early time in the race season I am going to play with my training to see where it gets me, I can always change it in the spring and summer if needed.

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