another 20 in the water

workout: 20 minute swim workout.

Another day with jumping in the pool to get my workout in. Today I was much more comfortable in the water. I swam 20 meters, rested for 15-20 seconds then swam again. It was a good workout, I didn’t over think the swim or the stroke, I just swam. Now my technique might  be off a bit, but I think it would be okay for now. The key is just to make sure I am comfortable breathing in the water, getting my workout in. As the comfort level builds and I start to build a rhythm in my breathing I will probably start to use flippers since I have read that flippers can actually help with ankle and leg strengthening, ultimately that is the goal. I want to build strength and get cardio in without the high impact workout of my legs hitting the ground any more times than they have to. Only my second day hitting the pool and I definitely and enjoying it so far, and it can only get better.

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