in the water

workout: 20 minutes swimming (cross training day)

This morning might have been the hardest workout I have ever had! A 10 mile run yesterday, 20 minutes in the water … difficult! When I say 20 minutes I would love to have said swam for 20 minutes. But I swam in a 20 meter pool and did 20 meters followed by a 15 second recovery… well that 15 second recovery started to hit 30 seconds and towards the end was 45 seconds. For all of my land friends who have been running and running gets old try swimming for a cross train on those non-running days. I wish I would have been introduced to the water workouts a long time ago. I know the first month or so will be a struggle, in speaking to people who have already hit the water, the toughest thing is to build a rhythm. I guess it is just like running. Running 10, 15, 20, 26.2 miles wasn’t always easy and sometimes isn’t easy still. Hitting the water will not be different from running in that at first it is a struggle before it becomes that enjoyable. I will be hitting the water 3 days as cross training, at first 3 days a week cross training will be swim one length then rest, so I can sort out a rhythm. Hopefully in a month I will try to go for a number of straight minutes and then really build it into a strong workout. This journey to my next 26.2 could be a good one to read up and follow, so hope you keep enjoying my postings and hopefully this swimming thing will be a good thing for me.

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