3 miles done and gone

workout: 3 mile run and Insanity Cardio Recovery.

3 miles done. I’ve been training since July after the SF Marathon. Many things have changed since then. Perhaps the 2 major changes since the SF Marathon are the removal of the watch during runs and races, and the change of my workout style. Though these changes have helped me physically, the biggest change I have noticed is my mental side. Taking away the pressure of having to get something, all I have committed myself to was enjoying this marathon, getting to the start, enjoying each step, each mile, each moment, and lastly enjoying the finish! A light cross training awaits me tomorrow and then Saturday is the check in at the expo, which I will photo for all of you. I will get plenty of photos and of course, Saturday night I have a carb load and a pre-marathon night movie. That will be “The Spirit of the Marathon”. To all of you running I hope your excited for this weekend … Godspeed.

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