the count down begins

workout: 8 miles.

The count down begins. Sunday couldn’t get here quickly enough! Today was the final of the long runs, with an 8 mile run. It felt good to get them out, but made me anxious as I walked out of my workout area and entered back through it after my run. To the left is my weekly workout board that tracks my distances and workouts for the week. With less than one week remaining Sunday has it listed out CIM 26.2!!! Based on the weather reviews today it looks like the weather will be a bit cold on Sunday, but I know at some point during the run, I will warm-up. The supporters on the roads cheering all of us on and the other runners on the course will take my mind off of the cold. Also my goal as I mentioned before my goal just like in life is to enjoy every moment, one step at a time, 1 mile at a time. After all a marathon is just one mile repeated 26 times right?

Here is a little motivation for those of you running and wanting to get a little fix in before this weekend’s run.

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