1 week out

workout: off day

There is 1 week between me and my next marathon. The California International Marathon, my home course, yet the marathon that has brought many frustrations and challenges. However, this time there is not high hopes for a certain time, it is just about having fun and letting my legs enjoy every step and every moment. Every step in a marathon is just it’s own moment right? and its all about enjoying each and every moment just like in life.

So today is an off day for working out, it leaves me 2 days between today and next Sunday for off days. The next off day will be next Saturday however I may go on a little walk or jog or ride the bike for a bit just to get the legs moving. Otherwise this week is pretty easy an 8-10 mile run tomorrow, some cross training days, and 1 three mile run during the week. As for my off day today, the picture to the left explain everything I will be doing all day today. I will just be enjoying some football today. I hope you guys out there enjoy today as well. And for those of you running the CIM next Sunday … taper!!!

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