Run to Feed the Hungry

Workout: 10k run.

Well today this morning was the Run to Feed the Hungry and I ran the 10k race. Surprisingly I was able to set a personal record in my 10k. From the beginning I felt really good off of the gun, everything seemed to flow and my legs were feeling good! The part I really enjoyed about the run this year is that they separated the timed runners vs. the non-timed runners by putting timed runners in the front, this prevented for a slow start at the gun. The weather was a little cold to start but once the race got going it started to warm-up, also running on familiar streets and neighborhoods made it nice, as I was really able to just go, and lots of flat straight routes makes for even faster running. In the end I was able to clock a 40.59.4 time finishing with an average pace of 6 minutes and 38 seconds per mile. I finished 75th overall, (I would have been happy with anything under 100) and finished 9th in my age group. With the way I was running, I am feeling really happy and positive for the CIM coming up in about 10 days!!!!

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