Almost Turkey Day!!!

Workout: 30 minutes cross training on the bike and Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit.

Today brings be one more day closer to the Run to Feed the Hungry and most importantly the California International Marathon. Typically my Thursday run is my speed day, so what I think I am going to do is run my 10k at the Run to Feed the Hungry a little faster than I typically would run a 10k pace. I also looked at last year’s results and noticed that if I ran the same pace I ran at the Davis Turkey Trot, I would not finish in the top 100 in the 10k race! … There are going to be some fast runners out there, but like I mentioned in a previous post, the faster the runners in a group, the better I am able to run. Now I am sticking to the same thought I had last week, when I said I am not trying to beat other people but on the same note, towards the end of the race, if there is someone I can use as a chase runner, then I am going to try to close in and use that to push me to the finish line. I hope all of you have had good workouts this week and are excited for the Run to Feed the Hungry if you are in Sacramento and are planning to running the 5k or 10k race!

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