ewww weeee …. 1600

workout: 10 minute warm-up. 3 x 1600 with 400 meter rest intervals. 10 minute cool down.

Oh how I love Thursdays, speed workouts are fantastic. No matter how good or how bad my other runs during the week are my Thursdays are always up to par. This Sunday is the Four Bridges, so that means today is my last run of the week. Tomorrow will be a 40 minute cross train on the bike and Saturday is a day off. Back to today’s workout, the 1600 meter runs seem like a long distance for a speed workout, it is 1 mile, but after pushing through 10 milers, 13 and 15 milers, three 1 milers are not that long when you think about it. Actually when the workout is done, it seems kind of short, but it is what it is and not over training is what it is all about. Enjoy your Thursday.

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