6 miles in the rain

workout: 6 mile run

The rain and wind was in full effect today during my run, but for some reason I get a kick out of running in the elements. Training in the wind adds for some extra work, but racing in it is not a favorite of mine. Today the win was blowing about 10 mph and the rain was coming down, still this weather didn’t hold me back. Actually it was pretty good to get the run in with this weather because later this week and into next weekend the forecast calls for some rain. The Four Bridges Half Marathon next Sunday may not just have the hills and climbs but the wind and rain might be a factor during the rain. Tomorrow I will be throwing in an 8-10 mile run depending on how I feel during the run. With 7 days until my next race I need to make sure I just keep the legs moving but don’t go too hard. However in the end getting the miles in is also very important since CIM is a little over 1 month away and that is a full marathon.

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