(INSERT) Miles Here!

workout: ____ Miles.

No that isn’t a typo. I ran this evening, without hitting my typical routes, but just ran in familiar neighborhoods but just not the pre measured routes. Today I just ran, not knowing how many miles I put in, it felt good, just going letting the legs do the work and the road under my feet create the course. The training plan did call for 20 miles today, but with the amount of driving, my legs being a little tight and time restrictions I just ran until I thought it would be a good idea to get off the street and back into my house. I think after the CIM, I am going to do a just go out and run, no mileage worries runs more often. Dumping the watch was a great thing, I could only imagine what dumping a pedometer could do for me. The only thing I would have to keep my pedometer is for my sprint workouts, because I do not like doing those workouts on a track. Anyways go out and run, no worries about distance or time, just go because you love it. Oh … one last thing, good luck to those of you that were able to register for Boston today! If you qualified but they sold out of spots by the time you logged on, at least you have 2012 and who knows maybe I’ll be able to join you 2012 Boston Marathon Runners!

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