recovering is nice

workout: 45 minutes on the bike. 50 dumbbell curls, 50 hammer curls, 50 reverse curls, 50 should presses, 50 weighted punches, 50 push-ups.

After a couple of long runs on back to back days, hopping on the bike for a light workout was nice. I can really feel the difference with the bike rather than burning the legs with “recovery” runs that can but up to 4 or 5 miles. Those really end up being workouts rather than letting the legs recover. I throw the weighted portion of the workouts in just to give the body a little more extra during these lighter days, primarily working on the upper body, as that is what often fatigues on my longer runs, especially the shoulders. So I think by doing low weight high reps on the arms hopefully my strength in shoulders will increase.

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