an easy 10 miles

workout: 10 mile run.

Today was a 10 mile run in a city I really didn’t know what it had to offer as far as a run. It was a very flat run in the city of Petaluma. I did a 5 mile run out and a 5 mile run back, amazingly enough I was able to stay on one street for all 10 miles, it was easy to follow because it was literally straight south on the street. The run started early in the morning, where the air was cool and easy to breathe. When I first woke up I was unsure how I was going to feel because I had been getting little sleep over the last couple of nights, and I told my self maybe 6, maybe 7 this morning and I am okay with that. But as the run went on, I was feeling great, perhaps my legs were just ready to move after spending countless hours in a car driving to and from different cities. My lungs were ready to breath in the crisp air, and I just did my legs and the road do the work. I was able to push the tempo on my run and it felt great, not one struggle during the run.

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