Urban Cow Half Marathon

My official time was 1 hour 32 minutes 34 seconds. To be honest I was very surprised that without a pace, without wearing a watch and running with a pace group, I finished with this time. I was not pushing too hard or worrying about too many things, I just ran and felt good the whole way through. No struggles. This is how I am going to train and run from here on out, I love this way of racing and training. I am able to just let my legs and the ground under me do the work. Also from a mental standpoint I am not stressing over times and having to qualify for something. If I do qualify for Boston it will happen maybe not this year or next but I know in the future it will happen at some point.
The course itself was great nice and flat, just the way I train on my road runs. There were a couple of rolls in the course but nothing to stress over. The weather was very runner friendly except for the head wind at about mile 7 through 9 or so. But during that time, a couple guys who were not even running the race officially popped out with a couple of us runners and volunteered to break the wind for us and let us draft for about 2 miles, so to you mystery runners that helped me, a BIG THANK YOU! After that part of the course the rest was smooth sailing there actually wasn’t anything too bad about the course at all, definitely a race that I will mark on my calendar every year to run if my schedule allows me to.
Coming back through Land Park to finish the last 1.5 miles the support was great for all 5,000 runners that day, I even saw a couple of friends at the finish who cheered all of the runners through to the finish line. Crossing the line at 1 hour 32 minutes and 34 seconds was a blast for me in fact it was my third fastest finish in a half marathon. My other top finishes include 1 hour 31 minutes 8 seconds finish in Lodi Avenue of the Vines Half Marathon in May 2010, and a 1 hour 32 minutes 23 seconds in April 2010 during the American River Parkway Half Marathon.

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