One Week Out

Workout: 4 miles. 50 push-ups and 50 weighted crunches with 8 pound dumbbells.

One week from tomorrow is the Urban Cow Half Marathon, previously known as the Cow Town. I am pretty excited for a number of reasons; I enjoy the long runs, it is the first time race for me at the Urban Cow and I will be doing my first half-marathon without a watch. I am feeling pretty good, though today was a bit rough because of the heat that decided to stick around as we entered our first week of fall. It happens but I know if I can put in a good four miles in the heat then the long morning run next Sunday will be more enjoyable and I will be able to post a good time. Putting two half marathons in October will be fun as well, as I run this coming weekend in October and will also run on the 31st for the Four Bridges Half Marathon in Natoma. I hope everyone was able to push through a workout today before the heat rolled in but if not, just push through it there is a great reward at the end called success. There is no greater feeling than sweat dripping off your chin after a good run.

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