10k Race

September 18 (yesterday): There was no workout, it was all about getting ready for today’s race.


Race: Miner’s Ravine 10k in Roseville, CA.

The course was a very fun and challenging run, a few climbs where you don’t expect it. I don’t have an official time as of yet when I am posting this but I do know I finished around 42 minutes or so and placed in the top 8 runners of the field. The group of runners were great out there not just the level of runners who pushed me but also just who they were at the end I chatted a bit with a number of finishers while waiting for Bethany to complete her run. This was another run without a watch and I really loved it learning to speed up or slow down based on how my body is feeling. I am really excited to see how I finished overall and exact time, I had to go to work so I was not able to stick around for the 10.00 am awards and posting of times, so I am just waiting for them to post all results online. I definitely recommend this run for people in the future, they also have a 5k run offered, but not just the run itself but it supports a great cause, the UC Davis MIND Institute.

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