Gearing up for Sunday…

Workout: 10 minute warm-up, 2x 1200 meters with a 2 minute rest interval, 4×800 meters with 2 minute rest interval between each 800. Finish with a 10 minute cool down. 

I really love these speed workouts, they are definitely my style of workout. I mean don’t get me wrong because I do like the long runs and will continue to run the 13.1 and 26.2 mile races but I also get very excited about these shorter races coming up as well. 

After my workout this morning I got myself and Bethany all checked in for this Sunday’s Miner’s Ravine 5k & 10k which benefits the UC Davis MIND Institute. It’s a nice early morning race that all of you should be involved in since this is going for a great cause. 

Also I came across this video this morning , I found it to be a very inspirational video so I thought I would share it with all of you. click here for video if video below does not play

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