Weighted Cross Training

Wednesday September 16
Workout: cross training with P90X shoulders and arms workout.

Yesterday I did a different type of cross train by adding in some weighted training. It was a little different as I really felt it in my arms which is a very different sensation than the hard work put in after a hard run. The workout on the plan says light cross training or easy run, I figured this would suffice as the light cross train.

Workout: 40 minute cross train on the bike.

Today’s workout was switched around with tomorrows because of my work schedule where I didn’t have enough time to get my run in this morning. Also by pushing it to tomorrow I think I will have a better run anyways since my better runs always come during the mornings. Lots of things going on this weekend and also a planned switch of a 6 mile tempo run on Saturday that will be pushed to Sunday morning with a 10k race. I’ll be running this one again without a watch and listening to my body and letting the road and my legs do the work. I will however take a look at the course map online to see what the route looks like to have a better sense of the run. It should be an interesting race since it takes place at the Roseville Auto Mall. So if your free on Sunday and looking for a run support the UC Davis MIND institute and do the 5k or 10k Sunday morning.

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