So Cal to Nor Cal

Monday September 13…

Workout: 10 mile run.

So I was hoping to get a pretty long run in while down in Southern California if time permitted, but due to a limited amount of free time I was still able to sneak in a 10 miler. I was able to find a great spot to run, exciting for me but I’m sure it could get boring running laps over and over everyday there. There was a 1.5 mile loop around a community park with lots of people including sports teams practicing. The only down side was the run to and from the house we were at down there. There was a freeway overpass ramp that seemed like it took forever for the crossing light to allow me to cross the intersection. In the end I couldn’t complain there was a lot of things we had to get down while in So Cal and they got done and I was still able to get a good run in.

Workout: 45 minute cross train on the bike.

I’m back home and getting back full-time on the bike is going to be important for me while getting ready for upcoming races. There is another half marathon in Folsom, Ca. I signed up for on October 31. It is called the four bridges half marathon which should be plenty of fun leading into the final month before the CIM. Another run I am thinking of throwing in is a 10K this Sunday morning in Roseville. It is an early morning run which would permit me to get running it and completed before I start off for work.

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