Tempo and Today

Workout for Saturday September 11, 2010: 6 miles total: 2 easy, 3 at a short tempo pace, and end with a 1 mile easy.

The workout is defiantly starting to get interesting to see how things pick up as marathon and half marathon times start coming closer. I am interested to see how this new “mental” approach with the removal of the watch changes my race day tactics. Listening to my body without the push of a per mile pace is going to be a stretch especially with other runners constantly looking at their Garmin and picking up their pace or slowing it down. So for me it is a matter of really just running with my own feel, letting the road be and having my legs do the rest.

As for today (September 12, 2010 Sunday), the workout is an off day. Tomorrow I will be venturing the town of Ventura, CA. and putting in about a 2 hour run hopefully pushing 18 miles or so during that time or a little less, before a lot of other things get down here while we move about through the area. So I will let you all know how tomorrow’s run goes as running in a new city is always an adventure pace tends to be slower just because I end up sight seeing during my runs. 5.30 am is just around the corner so it is time for bed. Until tomorrow, have a good rest of the opening weekend of the NFL 2010-2011 season.

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