1600’s away we go

workout: 10 minute warm-up, 3×1600 with 1 minute rest intervals, 10 minute cool down. Rev Abs Strength & Endurance and Rev Abs Merciless Abs.

A fun and quick workout as far as the run is concerned. The 1600’s are a great way to just turn on the juice and let the body go and do it’s work. One thing I have found out though is I have pulled back from the bike a few times and just relying on the Rev Abs as a cross training, and it has slowed me down a bit to where I have been able to notice that I probably am not getting enough cardio on those cross training days,  I am going to make sure I not only rely on DVD workouts to help me with cardio but make sure I stick to working out on the bike as well. So tomorrow I am back on the bike along with the ab / core workouts under the Rev Abs Program.

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