10k Race & Today

Monday September 6 (Labor Day Holiday): There was a 10k run in Land Park, so I thought a race to me is always more enjoyable than a training run, so I signed up and went for the 10k. Overall the course is flat and it was enjoyable, chatted with a lot of very nice people at the event. The downside, the mile markers were none existent and I feel the course was short off it’s mark. Also there were no clocks on the course, so for some one like myself who was trying to go without a watch for a race it was very tough to gauge. Also the cones were not set out on the route, and were being placed and moved around as we (the lead group) were running the course.

Today’s workout: 45 minutes of cross training which will include about 25 minutes of Rev Abs Rev It Up workout. Then about 20 minutes on the bike.

I just got the book online called “Run Less Run Faster”. It has a 30 day free trail and if I do not like the workouts it will be sent back. I should get it in less than 5 days according to the website, so I will post some reviews and exact information on the book once it comes in. In fact when I registered for the book they didn’t even take down any credit card info, so it is bill me later type of thing.

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