Saturday Warm-Up

***Posting for 2 days of workouts***

Friday September 4, 2010
Workout: 20 minutes on the bike followed by a Rev Abs 30 minute workout (Power Intervals 2)
The ride on the bike is pretty easy for me and I would like to find some sort of alternative cross training or perhaps even actually hitting the road on the bike rather than on the trainer. I feel like counting the Rev Abs workouts as part of my cross train has helped me save my legs and kept my runs a little sharper, I will keep doing this until I see it effecting my runs in a negative way.
Today’s workout
Workout: 5 mile run at Mid Tempo Pace.
Today’s 5 mile run was the typical 5 miles around the Rosemont Area. I continue to do this without a watch and felt I ran at a pretty good pace. Tomorrow is an off day for running, but I am going to slip in a light cross train just to keep my muscles moving for the Monday morning 10k race at Land Park. It is not too late to register for those of you looking to join in on the fun. 

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