Cross Training and Abs

Workout: 30 minutes on the bike for cross training, and Rev Abs Mercy Abs.

Pretty easy workout day, and for those of you tracking the workouts are much much lighter than in my previous routines preparing for a marathon. Taking away the “recovery” runs in between days and adding in the bike has helped me save my legs for the speed, tempo and long run days but without losing my fitness. I still do think that just riding the bike is not good enough that is why I throw in some sort of strength or core program to go along with my marathon training. This time through it happens to be Revs Abs, and even then I sometimes remove the workout that day, depending on the workouts, running and how my body is feeling. For example today it was supposed to be Mercy Abs and Total Strength, and as you can see I only did Mercy Abs. Lesson, listen to your body, that is the best judge of how hard to push yourself, but don’t confuse fatigue for laziness!

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