Track Speed

Workout: today’s workouts where split into two workouts. The first was a 27 minute Rev Abs Fire Up Your Abs workout . The second workout was a speed workout: 10 min. warm-up, 6x 800 meters with a 90 second rest interval and a 10 minute jog to cool down at the end.

The speed workout took me onto an all weather track on the campus at Cal State Stanislaus in Turlock. It was the first time I have ran a workout on an all weather track in a very long time. The track gave a little bit of spring to my step though comfortable it was a little different. I still prefer running on paved roads, however prefer the all weather track over running on grass. Again there was no pace time for these runs I just did the distance and had a watch for the recovery intervals and the 10 minute warmup and cool down runs. I did go with my vibrams this time on the track but I think for those of you that want the full barefoot experience going barefoot on an all weather track isn’t a bad way to run on a safe area if the track area is clean of “stuff”.

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