Putting the work in

Workout: 30 minutes cross training on the bike and Rev Abs Power Intervals DVD.

Pretty simple as far as a workout goes this morning nice and short on the bike and about 20 minutes of Interval work with the Rev Abs program. The cross training can be up to 45 minutes today but I opted to cut it a little short since I’ll be hitting the golf course with an early 6.15 am tee time. As far as core strength goes I have seen an increase in not just my running but my golf game, allowing me to hit the ball a little further than I have over the past few years. These type of workout days are nice as it is easy to get the workout in without burning myself out this early in preparation for the CIM. Already I have seen better quality workouts on my three run days and I am only one and a half weeks into this new marathon training format.

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