changing it up …

Workout: 45 minutes of cross training (rode bike on a trainer) and Rev Abs Total Strength / Mercy Abs DVD.

Removing these “easy” and recovery runs could make it for better workouts on the tempo, speed and long run days.  I am very excited to see how these runs go especially without a run clocking each split etc, and just going with how my body feels. I think this could be a good solid training for the next 18 weeks. The introduction of the cross training could possibly be the major change that allows me to just workout rather putting pressure on myself where I am doing things for times as far as pace and goal times and distance. When I ride for 45 minutes, I have no sense of distance or pace, this could be a good thing which will allow me to ease off the pressure of having to get times and burning myself out before the next races comes up.

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