quarter milers

workout: 10 min. warm-up, 12 x 400 m (with 90 sec. rest intervals), 10 min. cool-down, Rev Abs Fire Up Your Abs DVD

Today was a fun workout, a workout that I really enjoyed and felt. All quarter mile runs, I did not keep track of my times I only had a watch for my rest intervals. Only after one workout and keeping up with the no watch thing, I am already enjoying my workouts even more. Today I felt that I was going pretty fast, but my body was the one doing the gauging, I went fast when I was up for it and slowed down when it told me to. This dumping the watch could be a norm for me, I did change the screen on my Garmin to show only the distance traveled, so that would be the only reason that I wear it on my runs, other than that no more pace screens, and total time clocks.

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