back on the plan…18 weeks of travel

Workout: 20 minute cross training on a mountain bike & Rev Abs Power Intervals

This morning I got back onto the workout getting ready for my final 2 races of the 2010 year. The next race will be a half-marathon in October, the Urban Cow (formerly known as the Cow-Town), and the final marathon of the year will be the California International Marathon (CIM). I jumped in a new workout, and this will hopefully allow me to be more relaxed stay fit and be mentally strong to complete a marathon at a pace I am able to work at. It really is a goal and now challenge to myself to hit that 3.10 time in a race, I know I can run the 7.15 per mile pace in training, it’s time to push it into my races.

So this new workout I came across, and chatted to people with is something new that I will try over the next 18 weeks to get ready for the CIM and hopefully qualify for the Boston Marathon at that point. The workout is pretty simple, it takes out the recovery runs, and changes them with cross-training. So there are only 3 running days, a speed workout, a tempo run, and a long run. To the left is a sample of my workout board that has the running days. To do more a listen to my body and just run, I am going to not look too much at the times listed and in fact run routes I know the distances and often times just dump the watch completely. For my cross-training days, I will be using a bike for most of those workouts. I have a trainer that I have hooked my bike up to so it will be often like a stationary bike on days I am sticking around the house, but I will also ride the roads as well. The photo of the mountain bike is attached to the trainer I will be using as it is set up in my workout room. I am really excited for this workout to see how it gets me prepared for the Urban Cow and the California International Marathon. For those of you that are interested in the workout, there are several sites up with various “3 Day Running Marathon Workouts” you can just google. Let the new journey begin…18 weeks starts today!

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