final three

Run: 3 miles @ 7.25 pace
Rev Abs: Fire Up Your Abs DVD

Today was the last 3 miles of official training before this Sunday’s run(map of 3 miles before sf). The route is the same neighborhood type of run but with a little variation of the runs I have done before, all sidewalk on this run so you can pretty much cruise without the worry of sharing the road. The last 3 miles of a run, tomorrow is just a simple workout before I take the road for San Francisco and check in. In SF I may go on a little walk around the area with my fiance to walk out the legs and also just to relax before the closing to get some rest. My stomach doesn’t really get hungry the night before a big race like this one, and I haven’t been a good sleeper the night before a marathon so I am hoping I can get a little bit of change in my result. But going into the run I know I have put the work in, the goal is realistic, and my mind is set that I will be shooting for a Boston Qualifying time of 3 hours and 10 minutes. Tonight will be my carb load night with some pasta and a tomato sauce, lots of water today and just resting the legs and trying to get a good nights sleep tonight since I know the night before is not always as relaxing as I want it to be. My next couple of post will be from San Francisco, so until then … keep running.

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